Now Serving Salt Lake Valley and Surrounding Areas

We're now serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas! If you're in the Salt Lake Valley area and are interested in how we can best serve you, click the button below to learn more!


Computer Running Slow?


Here at WaveCom Communications we take pride in our quick, and effective service. Not only will we wipe the computer of any viruses, we'll also remove any kind of junk files that are hindering the full potential of your computer. Plus everybody's happier when their PC is faster! Just click down below to get started! 

Our Services

Here at WaveCom we've been serving Southern Utah since 1998. We've built our business on the back of our hard work and high quality customer service. To learn more about our services, and how we can best serve you, click the button below.


Surveillance Systems


Here at WaveCom Communications we offer superior cameras to keep your assets safe. Our surveillance systems are not only cost effective, but they also offer 24 hour coverage, and superior low light, so even at the darkest times you'll still be safe.

Not only can you have the peace of mind of having a surveillance system, you can also check up with a live feed on your smartphone, or tablet!

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